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The Conservative Choice
For District 8 School Board

Williamson County, Tennessee

  •  Vanderbilt Masters in Education

  • Strong Conservative

  • Respected Teacher

  • Leader in maintaining sustainable growth with Keep Williamson Livable

  • 20 year Temple Hills Resident

  • Mom of 4 Former WCS Students

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Courtney Laginess Says:

I have worked with Donna for years to preserve and enhance our quality of life in Williamson County. I am thrilled that Donna is bringing her considerable and tireless work on behalf of WillCo’s most valuable resource: our schools.  As a WCS parent, I wholeheartedly endorse her.

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Better Together:

Historically the most successful schools have the highest parental support. We must restore the partnership between schools and parents


Excellent communities have excellent schools. We should be striving for the best curricula for WCS

Student Focused:

Children should be taught based on their current development stage instead of popular trends


From what a child is taught to how money is spent there should never be any surprises

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District 8 Support For Donna:

As an experienced teacher in Metro and Williamson County schools, private schools, and as a homeschool educator, Donna is passionate about education. She has deep roots in this community and has proven she will stand up for the next generation.

Barb Sturgeon - County Commissioner  District 8

Donna's background in education and vast teaching experience make her a gold star candidate to represent District 8.

Riq Lazarus - WCS Parent

I encourage you to vote for Donna because she will protect conservative values.

Jamie Vallecorsa


Dr. George Adams

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Early Voting: July 15 - 30

                                                 Paid for by Clements For School Board - Bob Peterman, Treasurer

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